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How2 use this site

  • If you are lucky enough to be able to access a desk with two screens, watch the How2 videos on one screen, and have the target software programme (e.g. EMIS Web or Docman) running on the other screen.  Pause the video whenever you wish and practice the functionality on the actual software.
  • To start using one of the bundles simply select the bundle of your choice from the display above, or go to the full bundle selection by selecting ‘Bundles’ from the top menu.
  • You can also use the ‘Search’ option in the top left of the screen.
    Videos can be watched in any order, and you can watch each one as many times as you wish.
  • How2 will record completion of each video as you progress and you can pause midway through a video or bundle to return to the same spot at a later date.
  • Keep an eye on the ‘What’s new on How2?’ section which will keep you up to date with new videos and new functionality

What's new on How2?


New ‘GPAD’ Bundle Launched

The GPAD (General Practice Appointment Data) programme introduces standardisation of appointment data across General Practice to support more accurate analysis of activity and capacity in General Practice. In order to support this more accurate data collection, a national list of Appointment Slot Categories has been published and GP system suppliers have added new functionality that […]

New videos to help during COVID-19 crisis

Dr Neil Paul has created a set of videos which includes reviews, demos and tips for products that he believes will be particularly helpful during the current Covid-19 crisis). Currently these videos are open to anyone, just head over to the bundles page.