Launch of SCVRHow2

Launch of SCVRHow2

SCVRHow2 is a brand new video resource website dedicated to improving and refreshing the skills of those in General Practice.

The site offers tailored video tutorials exclusively for those working in general practice, which we have packaged into bundles focusing on specific areas.

Phase one offers bundles specifically focused for those GPs that are part of the GP Career Plus Scheme and practices using the EMIS Web clinical system.
You may be a GP returning to General Practice after a break or may just wish to refresh your knowledge of how EMIS Web is used in General Practice. 

We have also created bundles looking at how EMIS Web is used to facilitate Extended Access services, by enabling cross-practice appointments and access to GP records, and how users can configure the EMIS Web system to make it work more efficiently for them.

Starting small with these bundles designed specifically for South Cheshire & Vale Royal GP Alliance, our road map already demonstrates a rapid planned expansion of resources which will cover a wide range of different IT systems used in General Practice.

We will continue to work with our wide range of local contacts to ensure that the resources remain relevant and provide a solution to your Practice learning needs.

Your feedback and suggestions for content are always welcome.