Alison Yates

Content Creator and Presenter

Alison has worked for more years that she cares to admit in Healthcare IT, Programme and Project management. She is also a qualified teacher and has expertise in developing and delivering training in a variety of different services including General Practice, Community Health, Hospice Care and Acute Services. Alison can recite the alphabet backwards and wishes she could play the piano like Jools Holland.

James Turnock

Content Creator and Presenter

Jay is an experienced trainer and project manager who has worked on child health and general practice system implementation and the introduction of document management software solutions. Jay has never played the harpsichord, and believes strongly that there is no place for peas on the dinner plate of any civilised person.

Dr Neil Paul

GP and Clinical Lead

Neil has been a GP Partner at Sandbach GPs, Cheshire, since August 2000. He is nationally known for being a blogger, presenter and speaker specialising in IT in Primary Care and supporting General Practices working at scale and provides clinical leadership to How2. Neil enjoys photography and Sci-Fi and is planning a Landscape Photography course on Tatooine in the (very) distant future.